I want to tell compelling, visual stories.
I follow the philosophy that directing is equal parts having a vision, being able to clearly and effectively communicate that vision, and surrounding yourself with the right people to best execute that vision.
I like to get my hands dirty; I’ve worked in nearly every role on set coming up in the industry.

Work History


I created FILM CREW as a company to create personal film projects (as well as to bill as a loan out, like many freelancers). I like finding visual, compelling stories in all subject matters. My own stories often involve kids or teenagers, townies, suburbia, Americana, and period elements.

Cosmic Bowling and The Holes Beneath the Trees were produced in collaboration with Konrad & Paul, the production company founded by the director of photography of both films and with whom I have frequently worked with as a freelancer.


  • Director, Producer, Production Manager | 2016-Present

  • Director of Photography, Camera Operator, Assistant Camera | 2013-Present
    I began freelancing out of college as a camera operator with various production companies. Over time, I’ve moved the majority of my work from Camera Department to Directing, Producing, or Production Managing for those same production companies.
    Recent productions include producing Pop-Tarts social media and post-producing Five Guys social media with MRY and Konrad and Paul, directing a series of spots for Spotify with Andre Drummond, directing and producing event coverage for Samsung through McKinney, and production managing the Yves Saint Laurent 2019 Men’s Spring Summer show through Northbound.


  • Director of Photography | 2015-2018

  • Camera Operator | 2013-2015
    Out of a college internship at NBC, I was hired as a camera operator on Talk Stoop with Cat Greenleaf with John Christon as the director of photography. After he left, I was asked to take over the role. Talk Stoop was functionally two shows, one a half-hour interview show on NBC, and the other the daytime host of USA network.
    During the time I worked on Talk Stoop, we won two New York Emmy's and were been nominated for a third.


  • Co-founder | 2015-2016
    Protoscience was a joint venture between myself and the brilliant adventure-filmmaker and photographer Adam Nawrot. Protoscience was an aerial media and movi specialty camera movement company.

    • Interchangeably flew a Freefly Cinestar 8 HL copter and operated a camera attached beneath it as part of a two man team.

    • Rigged and operated at Movi M15 and M10, both as a two man team and as a solo operator.

    • Rigged and operated six to eighteen foot jibs with remote heads attached beneath, both for live events and for narrative productions.

Ultimately, we closed Protoscience when we felt the regulation of the industry (which I do believe is a good thing) drove us farther from filmmaking and into increasingly technical fields. Before the Part 107 remote pilot license existed, it was looking like we would need to acquire a manned aircraft pilot’s license to continue to operate UAVs commercially, and that did not interest us. We wanted to tell stories in innovative ways, not move farther into the technical solutions side.




  • Bachelor of Fine Arts in Film and Television
    GPA: 3.805
    Graduated December 2013


  • Directing

  • Producing

    • Showbiz 9

  • Camera Operation, Assistant Camera

    • Experience operating nearly every digital camera system for both video and still production.

    • Drone operation, Movi and gimbal operation, remote head and jib operation

    • Focus pulling (Arri WCU-4 is by far my preferred wireless control system)

    • Specialty camera rigging and derigging

    • Continuous and strobe lighting and safety

  • Editing, VFX/Motion Graphics, DIT, and Color

    • Premiere

    • After Effects

    • AVID

    • DaVinci Resolve

    • Nuke (admittedly a bit rusty)

    • Shotput Pro

  • Basic web and graphic design

    • Photoshop

    • InDesign

    • Illustrator

    • Squarespace

  • Standard communication software

    • Google Docs

    • Microsoft Office

    • Evernote (I live my life in Evernote)

    • Slack